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This apartment complex has been nothing but issues. I do not receive any notifications about important notices like everyone else I know does. The outside of the building is always littered with broken beer glass, trash, and cigarette buts. To make things worse I have noticed a considerable amount of shingles off of my building in the parking lot. Just this evening I looked up in my closet and the sheet rock has water stains. I came to find out from a roommate that the apartment knows about the shingles falling off and all they did was notify everyone (but me) to keep an eye out for leaks.

Also, I have come to the realization that I have bed bugs. These were acquired after a supposed pesticide company came through and supposedly sprayed for bugs inside and outside of the apartments. I have also had an issue with the management just unlocking our door and walking in with us sitting on the couch. We didn't know who was trying to come into our apartment because no one knocked. They just used the key they had and walked right in to do the inspections. I do not feel safe here, nor do I trust anyone employed by the apartment to be in my apartment without one of my roommates or I here. Not only do I have to walk around on my guard at all hours of the day, but now I have to pack my clothes and shoes up a month earlier than I want to because the sheet rock will be giving out shortly and I will actually have water in my room.

I also have not seen the site manager since the complex was bought by Campus Evolution Villages which is headquartered in the New England are of the US. I think this is wrong and hanging the residents out to dry and forcing us to deal with our own building issues we shouldn't have to deal with. I'm not pay $400 a month to change my own sheet rock out or replace the bed they provided me.

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Hayward, California, United States #1040877

$400?You get what you pay for.

And the neighbors are broke too so deal with living in a ghetto *** apartment with ghetto people.Your a winner I bet.

to 23 year old homeowner Shreveport, Louisiana, United States #1268487

409 for one bedroom and to share a bath. 1636 for full apt - 4 bdrms - 2 baths - College student housing.

Dallas, Texas, United States #949682

This is so easy.Move.

to Linda #1062168

If only moving were that simple. This complex screws people over in a big way. They say you can relet but reletting your room is almost impossible when they promote new leases have zero down but if someone wants your room they have to pay at least $360 in fees to take your lease

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